Ultimate Korean Barbecue: Marinated Pork Rind

I am having a sudden late-night craving of grilled pork rind and it is a pain.  Grilled pig’s skin is one of my favorite KBBQ and I am not alone.  Nowadays, what was once considered scrap meat is very popular among Korean women as pork rind has been marketed in Korea as a rich source of collagen and therefore an effective treatment for your skin.

Pig’s skin marinated in spicy sauce – ready to be grilled

At our family’s regular Saemaeul Sikdang (새마을식당), pork rind is prepared as pre-cooked and marinated in spicy gochujang sauce.  I normally prefer marinating them in soy sauce as that way you can really taste the flavor (there is not much though) of pork rind.  But spicy sauce was pretty good as well once the skin was slow-grilled over charcoal heat.



The thing about grilling pig’s skin is that you want to watch carefully as they will burn quickly.  In my opinion, the skin is at its best texture right before it gets burnt when the outside is nice and crispy and inside is soft and chewy.  So better use that tongs to flip the skins before you overcook them.

Eating pig’s skin was another unique culinary experience that was introduced to me after I become an adult.  In Korea, grilled pork rind is considered a delicacy that goes well with soju and therefore known as a great anju (안주: side snack served with alcoholic beverage).  No wonder I never got to taste this beauty before I turned nineteen.


3 thoughts on “Ultimate Korean Barbecue: Marinated Pork Rind

  1. Yuna March 25, 2015 / 9:54 AM

    Ah, I love everything about pork, and ah, I never knew about how good pig’s skin for our skin until I read this, thanks, I have another reason for eating it more. Kekekekekeke.

    Liked by 1 person

    • yMoon March 25, 2015 / 4:47 PM

      haha isn’t that right? Nice excuse to chow down more of our favorites 😉


      • Yuna March 30, 2015 / 2:03 PM

        Yes, that’s right, a nice excuse. 🙂


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