Korean BBQ 101: You Thought Galmaegi-Sal Was Seagull Meat?

So sometimes my mother and I would like to go a little crazy and drink soju over charcoal Kbbq for… yes, lunch on a weekday.  It was one of those rare days when we had time to meet up for lunch and had nothing scheduled in the afternoon.  We were both quite hungry as we had very small breakfast and of course it was a Wednesday so we were already feeling weary that Friday is another two days away (yes, any excuse will work).  So why not share a bottle of soju with pork meat on fire?  It always works for me, at least.

Marinated galmaegi-sal on the grill

A barbecue place near Daejeon City Hall is one of my mom’s favorite go-to place for some good meat & booze combination.  The joint specializes in fresh galmaegi-sal (갈매기살) marinated in light soy sauce.  Many Koreans mistaken galmaegi-sal for seagull meat (galmaegi is seagull in Korean where sal means flesh) but really is just a chunk of pork meat that is considered rare as only a small portion is available from butchering a whole pig.

Two orders of marinated galmaegi-sal at Yeosu-dong


Galmaegi-sal is considered less greasy and more juicy compare to common pork meat parts available in Korea such as pork belly and shoulder.  They are more expensive as well but here at Yeosu-dong Restaurant you can try the salted or marinated galmaegi-sal for reasonable price.


Cold buckwheat noodle to finish up your Kbbq meal = real Korean style


Of course, two bottles of soju at 2:30pm on a Wednesday means that your day is over by the time you are finished with your meal.  We went straight home afterwards and skipped dinner.  On our way back home all I could think was: I sure am a Korean, after all.


2 thoughts on “Korean BBQ 101: You Thought Galmaegi-Sal Was Seagull Meat?

    • yMoon May 20, 2015 / 9:56 PM

      You can say that again 😉


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