Biking from Daejeon City to Daecheong-ho Lake

Back in June, I chose a Saturday which also happened to be a national holiday in Korea to ride my bike as far as Daecheong-ho Lake.  This was quite a challenge for me as it has only been about a month since I purchased my first road bike.  I am  getting myself used to riding this pretty thing all over the city but still having hard time pushing it up the stiff hills.  So I decided to test myself as I have been told that the bike path along Gapcheon River to Daecheong Lake is famous for its beautiful sceneries.


At this time of the year, the bike path along Gapcheon stream is lined with beautiful wild flowers.  It was a little too hot to bike in the day but it still was worth the try.



After Gapcheon merged with the bigger Geum River, I kept biked along until I reached the mighty Daecheong Dam.  The dam was constructed in 1981 and as a result the man-made Lake Daecheong was formed.  The stillness of the water against the sunset was an absolute beauty.



The Geum River Lohas Park (금강로하스 공원) at the end of the bike trail provided a place to rest and sip on your water.  I did not expect myself to make it to this far but yes indeed I shall be very proud of myself.



A trophy to commemorate my achievement today.  This is where I first learned about “bicycle passport” of Korea.  They are selling it for about 4000 won and it looks quite like actual Korean passport.  You get to bike around the paths along the four great rivers of South Korea and collect stamps as you go.  My favourite kind of game!


The red telephone booth has no phone in it but this is where the stamps are stored for each selected destination.  Got my first stamp from Daecheongho.  What an accomplishment for the day.


One thought on “Biking from Daejeon City to Daecheong-ho Lake

  1. Yuna September 7, 2015 / 5:20 PM

    As usual, beautiful sights. And that bicycle passport sounds amusing, that reminds me the stamps that I’ve collected during my travel. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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