All-You-Can-Eat Marinated Crabs at Daecheong Lake

I have known quite a number of non-Korean friends in my life that claim to be the experts of Korean food.  They sure knew their ways of having pork belly BBQ with soju and some seafood pancakes with rice wine.  But I believe there are different levels to becoming a true expert in Korean foods and gejang (게장: marinated fresh crabs) is one of the advanced options.



The sheer appearance of gejang may creep out foreign adventurers who dare to give it a try but it is actually the strong odor that make them wince before they even get closer.  The marinade is made from boiling dark soy sauce and various spices and it it pour directly over the fresh crabs once it’s cool.  It is still uncooked flesh of shellfish so yes it is going to smell a lot.


The two common types of marinated crabs are ganjang (soy sauce) and yangnyeom (simply means marinade).  The soy sauce one is (as you have guessed) quite salty and the red hot spicy-looking marinated crabs are indeed sweet and spicy.  They are to be served with steamed rice as they are considered main banchan (side dish).  So never eat them by themselves as it’s going to be hell of a lot salty and spicy – always better with rice.



This all-you-can-eat place is right by Lake Daecheong and if you find a seat upstairs I believe you would be able to face a nice view of the lake and the dam.  It was dinner time on a weekend so there were line ups and we ended up sitting in ground level but it was still quite nice.  The Bohm Galley & Cafe is right across from the restaurant so maybe a cup of joe after dinner to wash out that gejang taste from your mouth?


4 thoughts on “All-You-Can-Eat Marinated Crabs at Daecheong Lake

    • yMoon August 16, 2015 / 3:08 AM

      You should visit Korea again soon! 😀


  1. mywonderboy August 28, 2015 / 4:58 PM

    This is my favorite dish! And I’m visiting this September again and eating this for sure 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • yMoon September 7, 2015 / 7:22 PM

      Wow, you’re brave. I know some native Koreans who wouldn’t give this a try because it stinks.


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