Winter Delicacy: Grilled Oysters at Cheonbuk Oyster Village

The vast tideland of South Korea’s west coast offers so much life. From both the land and the sea.

The west coast of Korean peninsula is known for its high tides. The tidal range defers on season and places but in general the west coast ranges from 3~8m. Compare to 1~3m on south coast and 0.2~0.3m on east coast the difference is quite huge, which result in massive tidal mudflat full of sea creatures.  One of those being infamous fresh winter oysters.

So much oysters!

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Must Eat in Korea: Herb Sausages (Sundae)

Back in August I visited 2016 Jecheon International Music & Film Festival. I got to taste a variation of Korean sausage that I had never seen anywhere else before. Because Jecheon is a city famous for its abundant medicinal herbs, a restaurant was clever enough to utilize local products to create a unique kind of sundae (순대).


Following is a translation of article from VisitKorea
Gaemi Restaurant (개미식당) is located in Namcheon-dong, Jecheon-si in North Chungcheong Province and their speciality is traditional Korean sausage, aka sundae. The couple who own the place decided to change their main menu from wheat rice to sundae twenty years ago. Ever since then, they studied and developed to come up with the unique recipe of herb sundae which had granted them a patent. Jecheon’s herb sundae keeps the traditional method of sausage-making but uses local herbs that the city is famous for. The combination of Korean sausage and oriental herbs involves extracts of around 25 medicinal plants including milkvetch, cnidium, atractylis, and angelica.  Every three days, the herbs are boiled down to extract for over 12 hours in which the result will be added as a base ingredient for sausage filling. There are about 45 other ingredients added to the filling including cabbage, radish, dried radish leaves, chives, carrot, sweet rice, pig’s blood, glass noodle, millet, tofu, bean sprouts, etc.


The Famous Byeongcheon-Style Korean Sausage

April has been so far wonderful in Korea.  There were some chilly days with rain and wind that it seemed like spring would only show itself for a little while and never actually come.  Nevertheless, my friends back home tell me that it still feels like winter in Toronto and I am glad that here in Korea I would not need to face long, harsh days of cold.  For the last few days the temperature has been rising and during the day it almost feels like summer is just around the corner.

A plate of Byeongcheon-style soondae (or sundae)

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