I design and make postcards for two reasons:

1. Texts are good. E-mails are fine. But living in this high-tech world, I feel that we should take time to write letters to our loved ones. Nothing brightens up a day more than the discovery of a hand-written postcard in your mailbox.
2. I first began to design postcards for my friends who came to Korea to teach English. Postcards are great souvenir for visitors – they are portable and affordable. I always think about the ways in which I can introduce my home country to the rest of the world. A blank postcard is a great canvas to my artwork.

I upload my postcards on my instagram:

I’m also on Postcrossing.
If you’d like to receive a postcard from me, send me a message with your full address (in English) and a little bit about yourself. I cannot guarantee to send a postcard to everyone but I’ll do my best!