Sariwon Noodles, the First Restaurant in Daejeon

Visiting old, traditional restaurant always excites me. I get to take a peek at the culture and history behind not only the food but the neighbourhood where the restaurant first settled in. My hometown Daejeon is situated in the center of South Korea and is more known as a transportation hub than gourmet destination. However, it will still be worthwhile to visit a restaurant that is registered as the first dine-out restaurant in the city.

Beef ribs soup at Sariwon

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Prime Korean Barbecue: Hanwoo Beef Sirloin Steak

Eating out with my parents can be amusing and stressful at the same time.  It all depends on everyone’s mood that day – if something fell through at dad’s work or mom didn’t do so well at her golf practice then might as well just stay home for dinner.  But regardless of the atmosphere there is something about Korean BBQ that brings everyone closer.  Maybe it’s because the small, built-in grill is right in the middle of the table so literally everyone needs to gather around tighter.  Nonetheless, grilling some Korean-style barbecue meat is almost like a family tradition and it makes the whole occasion extra special if the meat on the fire is none other than premium Hanwoo beef.

Table setting. Lots of veggie side dishes so you won’t go complete carnivore.

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Korean BBQ 101: You Thought Galmaegi-Sal Was Seagull Meat?

So sometimes my mother and I would like to go a little crazy and drink soju over charcoal Kbbq for… yes, lunch on a weekday.  It was one of those rare days when we had time to meet up for lunch and had nothing scheduled in the afternoon.  We were both quite hungry as we had very small breakfast and of course it was a Wednesday so we were already feeling weary that Friday is another two days away (yes, any excuse will work).  So why not share a bottle of soju with pork meat on fire?  It always works for me, at least.

Marinated galmaegi-sal on the grill

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Ultimate Korean Barbecue: Marinated Pork Rind

I am having a sudden late-night craving of grilled pork rind and it is a pain.  Grilled pig’s skin is one of my favorite KBBQ and I am not alone.  Nowadays, what was once considered scrap meat is very popular among Korean women as pork rind has been marketed in Korea as a rich source of collagen and therefore an effective treatment for your skin.

Pig’s skin marinated in spicy sauce – ready to be grilled

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