Charcoal-Grilled Chicken & Beer at Daejeon Tongdak

This is one place that I miss in Daejeon already. Chicken and beer is everyone’s favourite in Korea but from so many different varieties that I’ve tasted this place in Daejeon was surely one of a kind. Daejeon Tongdak, literally meaning Daejeon chicken, operates in its own building in Yuseong district of

Sariwon Noodles, the First Restaurant in Daejeon

Visiting old, traditional restaurant always excites me. I get to take a peek at the culture and history behind not only the food but the neighbourhood where the restaurant first settled in. My hometown Daejeon is situated in the center of South Korea and is more known as a transportation hub than

Spicy Seafood Noodles at the First Ebiga Restaurant in Daejeon

I’m not crazy about chain restaurants wherever I am in the world but visiting the first store of a mega franchaise is always fascinating. You get to see how the big names first kicked off from the ground without knowing that they will one day become leading brand. In addition, you get to learn the
Walk The Peninsula

Hanbok Street at Daejeon Jungang Market

If you are traveling to Korea, one place that I would recommend you to visit is a jaerae sijang (재래시장: traditional Korean marketplace).  Also known as jeontong sijang, the traditional markets are located throughout the peninsula and most of them are open to public year-around.  I personally enjoy shopping at sijang rather than

Wild Thistle Rice for Lunch at Say Department Store

I had a great lunch date with my beloved cousin this afternoon.  My cousin is a brand new mother of almost-hundred-days old baby girl.  It has been hard for her to get out of her apartment, but today she has spared some time for me as the baby is being looked after

Valentine's Day at Sung Sim Dang

If you have lived in Korea long enough then you might have noticed that concept of Valentine’s Day is slightly different here.  In Canada, a couple may exchange gifts or cards over a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day.  But here in Korea, February 14th is the day that girls present a gift

Grilled Bulgogi and Rice Wine at Damiwon

Sutong-gol (수통골) in Yuseong, Daejeon is one of my favorite places in the city.  The edge of Mt. Gyeryongsan (계룡산) offers number of great hiking courses.  After the hike you can enjoy a cup of coffee or have a tasty meal at one of the cafes or restaurants near the base of

Chondaeji Jjigae with Dried Zucchini Slices

Chondaeji Jjjigae (촌돼지찌개) is one of my favorite Korean comfort foods.  The spicy and hearty soup is so easy to make at home.  I tried to look up where the name “chondaeji” came from as the name sure sounds funny (chondaeji literally means “country pig”) but I could not find any information

My First Try at Rock Beam Sashimi

While in Canada I suffered greatest craving of raw seafood.  There are sushi and sashimi in Canada as well and occasionally I would satisfy my appetite at all-you-can-eat sushi places (where they serve not-so-high quality sashimi but under reasonable price).  Although I loved the  raw fish served in Canada (especially sockeye salmon

Seol-Leong-Tang: A Winter Treat for Koreans

There is a place in Daejeon, South Korea that brings back memories from my childhood.  A restaurant that my family used to visit regularly is called Sinchon Selleongtang (신촌설렁탕).  An old, 24-hr diner is famous for traditional beef bone soup.  I have not been here for years but today I decided that