The Village of Handmade Tofu in Gangneung

Lunch on our second day in Gangneung was an unexpected one. Unlike other coastal cities, Gangneung’s signature dish is not of a seafood but the simple, handmade tofu. There’s a small village on the beach that is dedicated to making this special tofu and it is known as Chodang Tofu Village. Just a brief research pointed us to head towards this destination so indeed the lunch menu was an easy choice. But I had doubts even as we were on our way. After all, tofu is just tofu. How special can it get?

No sauce needed – looks bland but good as it is!

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A Trip to Gangneung and One-and-Only Samsugi Soup

Everytime I travel around Korea, I am blown away by how much I do not know about the cuisine of my own country. Samsugi-tang (삼숙이탕) was also something I’ve never heard of before. A local dish of Gangneung area, Samsugi-tang is a soup made with a fish called samsegi(삼세기), or samsugi in local dialect.

It’s not a brain! It’s just fish guts.

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