Few Days before the Opening of Donghaksa Cherry Blossom Festival

Lanterns on the cherry blossom street for upcoming Buddha’s Birthday

It seems that every spring Korea is buzzing with cherry blossom fever at around this time of the year.  No wonder people are excited to go see the flower trees at the “hottest viewing spots” such as Jinhae or Yeouido as you cannot deny that these trees are more beautiful when many of them are together and are in full bloom.  Near the city of Daejeon, the cherry blossom festival held at Donghaksa temple in Gyeryongsan Mountain is famous among those seeking a perfect photo zone.

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Street Food of Busan: Spicy Rice Cake at Gukje Market


During my trip to Busan, I fell in love with the part of the city called Nampo-dong (남포동).  This is where history comes alive with so many traditional markets still thriving.  Markets such as Jagalchi Fish Market, Kangtong Market, and Gukje Market are all crowded with tourists due to their national fame.

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Defeat “Kotsaem Chuwee” with Ultimate Street Snacks

A set of classic Korean street foods at Jaws Tteokbokki

Brrrr! I am still shivering even after I got home from my daily work out.  I came back to Korea about three months ago on December 3rd, 2014 but yesterday and today seemed like the coldest days of this winter season.  Ggotsem Chuwee (꽃샘추위: spring colds) is an annual weather phenomenon in Korea that happens normally between end of February to April.  During this time, the temperature drops abnormally for about several days and the people who were ready for spring get affected by sudden harsh frost – many end up getting sick and catch a cold.

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