Winter Hiking in Jirisan and the Night at a Mountain Shelter

So far, this winter in Korea has been very generous to us. The weather was unusually warm this year with above average temperatures and only a few snowy days. Highly unlikely for this time of the year. But last weekend happened to be the days that the cold struck back and snow hit many parts of the country. So what better days than the coldest day of the year to hike the mountain 1,915m above sea level?


Jirisan National Park(지리산 국립공원) is the first national park in South Korea which was established in 1967. It spans across the southern part of the peninsula from east to west over three different provinces. The highest peak is Cheonwang-bong(천왕봉) and it is almost 2,000m above the sea. The weather at such altitude is unpredictable especially in the middle of winter. For a leisure hiker like myself, a 3-day hiking trip in the winter mountains was definitely a challenge of lifetime. Continue reading

Life in Korea: Daejeon Hash Run

I must admit – I have been very lazy with the blog and have evidently abandoned it for almost two months.  The purpose of this blog was to record my experience of reverse culture shock in Korea after spending fifteen collective years in Canada.  Well, I must say that six months after returning to Korea I have adjusted to the life back in motherland and really started to enjoy my time here in Korea.

So for the past two months I have met a lot of people and made some great new friends.  I noticed that the expatriate community in city of Daejeon is quite strong and tight.  I was fortunate enough to be involved in new activities, learning experiences, and career opportunities.  All in all, my hometown is treating me very well and therefore I am grateful.

I want to share one of the new experiences I recently had – it’s called a hash run.  I was not sure what it was until my friend explained to me that it involves “running” and “beer”.  Okay, two things that I like. Done.  Who would have thought of drinking beer while running?  Must be a genius.


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