Gyeongju Hwangnam Bread and Cherry Blossoms

Last April, I had a privilege of attending the famous Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Run. This is a national event that attracts runners all over South Korea. Springtime is when many Koreans travel to different parts of the peninsula in search of the best sites for cherry blossom viewing. Personally, I do not prefer to just stand there and admire the flowers at a crowded tourist attraction. I would rather run under the rows of cherry trees that are in full blossom for the season.

Cherry blossom walk at night

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Fresh Squid Sashimi on East Coast Bike Trip

It has been two years since I returned to South Korea. Although I haven’t seen all the places yet, I tried to travel around the country as much as possible. So far, my favourite part of the peninsula is definitely the east coast. Last year, I have done two long-distance bike trips along the east coast and those were my favourite traveling memory in Korea. The newly constructed bike path along the coast is well maintained and easy to follow. Even a novice rider like myself could undoubtedly carry a cycle in the cargo of an intercity bus bound to sun-rising east sea.

My sister riding along the beach

On our second day of riding from Sokcho to Gangneung, we stopped over at a small port village called Susan Port (수산항). Just like most other port towns across Korea, the coast of Susan was also lined with restaurants with tanks of live sea creatures up front. After all the calories we burnt from riding, our engines were screaming for some protein and carbs. Continue reading

[Riding in Korea] Bike Trip from Sokcho, Gangwondo – Part 1

Duration: July 1~3, 2016
Distance: About 80km
Sokcho Bus Terminal ->  Gangreung Express Bus Terminal
Bike Path: Donghaean bike path (동해안 자전거길)

On the first day of July my sister and I took our bikes to Sokcho, a small city on northeastern coast of South Korea. It is now famous for being one of the only few places in the country where you can catch a Pokemon. Thankfully, we got to enjoy the coastal city as it is before all the digital hype took over the place. Our trip began on a Friday morning of Canada day. The intercity bus bound to Sokcho leaves from Yuseong Intercity Bus Terminal at 10:30am.

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3-Days Winter Bike Trip in Korea

I do not consider myself a skilled bike rider.  I got my first cycle only last spring as a mere means of transportation after I returned to Korea (I did not want to get myself into a tragedy of driving on Korean roads). However, as I grew more comfortable on two wheels I became more ambitious and began dreaming about traveling around Korea on my new favourite toy. At least that was the plan before I got hit by a car while I was crossing a street on my bike in one August afternoon.

My body recovered quick but my mind could not escape free from the traumatic moment when I was forcefully separated from my bike in a split second that seems much longer in my memory. I was afraid to grab onto my bike handles for almost 6 months and it came to a point where I’ve had enough. I needed to face my fear and defeat it. Approximately 140km in below zero degree weather was my challenge. A perfect way to get back on the road.

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Biking from Daejeon City to Daecheong-ho Lake

Back in June, I chose a Saturday which also happened to be a national holiday in Korea to ride my bike as far as Daecheong-ho Lake.  This was quite a challenge for me as it has only been about a month since I purchased my first road bike.  I am  getting myself used to riding this pretty thing all over the city but still having hard time pushing it up the stiff hills.  So I decided to test myself as I have been told that the bike path along Gapcheon River to Daecheong Lake is famous for its beautiful sceneries.


At this time of the year, the bike path along Gapcheon stream is lined with beautiful wild flowers.  It was a little too hot to bike in the day but it still was worth the try.

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